History and Types of Pietersite Stone

Sid Pieters an archaeologist discovered Pietersite stone in the year 1962. He was prospecting farmland in Namibia, Africa when he first saw this stone. The mineral records of Britain registered his findings and published it in 1964 and eventually, it was named after its founder. China and Africa are the only two known places on the Earth where you can find Pietersite. Specimens from these two places are mostly similar but slightly difference in some aspects.

Types and Properties:

Pietersite in China is said to be discovered in the year 1993, and it came into the global market in 1997. The specimens found in China are slightly different in color from the earlier found specimens in Africa but both are beautiful. There is a mineral found in China torendrikite which is similar to the mineral crocidolite. The Chinese Pietersite stone is made from torendrikite. It has a combination of red, blue, and gold color segments.

Pietersite has fibrous bands of gold, blue and red tiger eye type fibres. These fibres are found in the specimens from both places. The fibrous structures are formed due to the geologic processes of the Earth.

Benefits of Pietersite gemstone:

It is believed that the energy stimulated by the Pietersite stone helps to stimulate the healing of the body. The use of Pietersite stone creates deep spiritual healing. The magnificence of the tornado is embraced in Pietersite. It also enhances the unusual gifts of healers and psychics. Some people use this stone to excel in meditation and to clear oppressive thoughts.

It provides strength and energy by stimulating the physical body. Pietersite is called a nervous system stone as it helps in stimulating the nerves and brain. It prevents blood diseases and fatigue.

Some people know Pietersite as the tempest stone. It is a remarkable stone. It has flashes of gold and a fiery pattern. Being a healing crystal it joins your internal guidance to your body and assists in life changing decisions. Buy Pietersite stone is possessed with many health benefits. Healers use this stone to help people with high or low blood pressure.

While Buying Pietersite:

Many people buy Pietersite stone online these days. While looking for Pietersite stone online keep in mind that the price depends on many factors like its color, size, and shape. The extra clear it is the extra expensive it becomes. Its visibility can be seen by slanting it a slight near the sides. The unpolished Pietersite looks ordinary and boring; the perfectly cut and well-polished cabochons are the centrepiece.